Run Away


Imagine there’s no heaven

It’s easy if you try

Kids as young as five

Getting caught in the drive-by

Blood in the streets

Been raining for days

But it won’t wash clean

The spot where children play

There’s no hell below us

It’s swirling in the air

No place to raise a family

At least if you care

It’s all around us and

It’ll swallow us whole

Run your little brains out

Far, far from she’ol

Burning up as punishment

Predestined to ash

Buy your way from purgatory

If your family has cash

Scaring us with fire

And threatening brimstone?

Welcome to the war-zone

That we call home

So where could we run to

That’s better than here?

Is there a place out there?

Where we don’t live in fear?

Find a place of rest

Even if we ain’t the best

Take the weight off my chest

Should we all head west?

And find a lotta comfort

In those big wide arms

There’s a city there

We ain’t living on farms

With his hand over us

And the angels all around

Kids playing in the streets

Can’t ever find a frown

Double Dutch on the sidewalk

Strike-em-out on the streets

Grandma sitting on the swing

Momma standing on her feet

No more homicide, genocide,

Or life on the edge,

Just sit here and romanticize

This place to lay your head

It’s the Kingdom calling

Screaming your name

There’s no judgment here

No opps killing your fame

The landscape changed

There’s gold on the streets

If you can walk on it

Won’t have to keep it on your teeth

You ain’t gotta save bread

‘Cuz there’s enough in the ‘hood

Everyone gets to eat

Ain’t going home without food

It’s a whole new life

Without all the pain

If we’re playing with fire

It’s a whole new game

Follow me there

As I follow the Messiah

The one who died by the cops

Caught in the cross-fire

He was preaching a new way

A new place to stay

Oh, it don’t exist?

Oh ye of little faith

It got him killed by the opps

The ones with all the violence

So that he could show the world

Where he kept his reliance

Then he came back strong

Busting out of hell

This new life created

And the empire fell

We can live without walls

We all can be together

We can fight for each other

Ain’t a storm we can’t weather

We run from Gehenna

As fast as we can

But where do we run to

Like the marathon man

We run from Gehenna

Just as fast as we can

But how can we run

Away from the Sandman

We’re the people of

This new way of living

No more taking

And a whole lot of giving

We love the creator

And we all can get along

If we learn how to die

And live like Allelon

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