You Break Through


A world of darkness
With walls of shame
Our lives a mess
Yet here you came
You break through

Cloudy skies
All dark and grey
Raindrops cry
You made a way
You break through

Through these clouds
A gleam of light
Your voice was loud
Your face was bright
You break through

Lightning flashes
Through the storm
Made from ashes
Embrace is warm
You break through

Walls of hate
Keep us mad
We must frustrate
The plan you had
You break through

Love abundant
Hope divine
Your words redundant
“Make you mine!”
You break through

Brutal empire
Been made known
Falling down
Before your throne
You break through

Jars of clay
Crack and break
If you may,
Make us shake
You break through

Walls will crumble
Light will come
Don’t let me stumble
My legs go numb
You break through

Tiny holes
The water flows
Broken bowls
Nobody knows
You break through

How you make
A way for us
Through the break
Quite a fuss
You break through

Solid state
Then fissures form
On that date
Your love will swarm
You break through

Your answer is
Always yes
Even neck deep
In our mess
You break through

Our messiah
Coming fast
Free at last
You break through

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